TESTIMONIAL: Thoroughbred Management, Inc.
“I was recently given a property to manage named prairie Rose HOA who had just recently converted their gas lamps to low voltage electric. Even though I was not involved in the actual conversion process, I can tell you that I have looked into the assistance of Innovative Systems Group LLC, several times since the conversion and each time I have requested their assistance, they have not only responded in record time for a vendor but they also have provided me with excellent service.

“Several times they have gone above and beyond helping me as a manager making me feel that even after they have completed the conversion at Prairie Rose, they continue to care about this property and its newly converted lamps.

“Working with vendors can sometimes be trying to get service; however ISG has remained faithful in repairing any issues with our lams within short time periods; sometimes that same day. I enjoy knowing we have a vendor who takes pride in their work even after it has been completed.

“Your assistance is very much appreciated.”

Brad Paterick, Thoroughbred Management”

August 2009

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