TESTIMONIAL: Stonegate Encore North
“To Whom It May Concern:

“Innovative Systems Group handled the gas lamp conversion in our community, Stonegate Encore North. We had been searching for a way to eliminate the costly utility bill and high level of maintenance that went with our lamps. The gas lamps accounted for 30% or our overall budget. We were so pleased when ISG presented us with the solution that we had been looking for, a conversion to low voltage electric.

“Michael Dyck, owner of ISG personally oversaw the project. He handled all of the homeowner’s concerns and answered all of their questions in a very professional and patient manner. ISG was in and out of our community in no time. They coordinated with the individual homeowners and made it very easy for the HOA board to make the project happen.

“Michael also found a low cost solution for lighting up our front gate area. Our community looks great and we are saving over $12,000.00 a year on gas bills in our small community of 49 homes.

“I highly recommend ISG for your gas lamp conversion or any lighting issues your community might be facing.”

Marie Davies
Former HOA President
Stonegate Encore North HOA

February 2009

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