TESTIMONIAL: Stallion Mountain Community Association
“To Whom It May Concern:

“Stallion Mountain retained the services of Innovative Systems Group, ISG, to convert the gas lamps to electrical lights, and the results have been incredible. The substantial savings in both the gas cost as well as the monthly maintenance contract, has given the Board the opportunity to decrease the homeowners assessments for this coming year.

“The Board and residents of the Stallion Mountain community are extremely happy with ISG’s work performance and the true professionalism of the company. Everyone at ISG from upper management to the ground crew treated the residents, board and management with nothing but the highest level of respect. As the on-site management representative of the Stallion Mountain community, I received all compliments regarding ISG.

“I would highly recommend ISG both personally and professionally to any community looking to convert their gas lamps.


“Melissa Kinney
Agent for Stallion Mountain Community Association
Excellence Community Management, LLC”

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