TESTIMONIAL: Pelican Creek Homeowners Association

“My father always told me to never start a letter with an apology. However, I must break his cardinal rule and apologize for this overdue, but necessary letter of thanks and appreciation.

“Back in early April, I signed a contract with your company, ISG, to retrofit all of or gas street lamps to low-voltage electric lamps in our Pelican Creek gated community. You stated that you would handle and manage everything, from interfacing with the gas company, notification letters to the homeowners, scheduling each phase of retrofitting with each homeowner, to the final installation, testing and follow-ups. You promised that by mid/late May, this project would be complete, and could begin enjoying brighter lighted and safer streets, that will cost only fraction of what we were paying for our antiquated gas lamps. You were wrong.

“You beat your own schedule and finished early May. You not only made the lamps conversion, you repaired and replaced parts on various street lamps throughout the neighborhood at no extra charge. Yes, there were some challenges. But Rebecca was right there to handle the skeptical and reluctant homeowners in a very tactful and objective way that could have caused problems and delays otherwise. And as our liaison with ISG, Rebecca did an outstanding job in communications and management with the project and interfacing with us, the Pelican Creek HOA board of directors. She kept us fully informed regarding progress, homeowner concerns and challenges. Any special requests or question coming from the board were handled expeditiously, professionally, and with a friendly, positive attitude. Thank you, Becky.

“My thanks and appreciation to all for giving your fast and highly professional work. Due to your experience and expertise, you anticipated every obstacle and challenge in getting the job done early, and done right the first time. Thank you so much. My thanks to ISG for saving our HOA over $1800.00 per month in our gas utility bill. Thanks for no more broken gas lamp filaments that just let gas spew out into the air. Thanks for no more foggy glass panes and enclosures that burning gas and high heat create. Thanks for low-voltage, no emissions, electric lighting that only comes on at night, and gives us brighter illuminated streets, and a safer environment for our children.

“Please do not hesitate to use me as an endorsement. My only hope now is that our master HOA, Tierra De Las Palmas, see “the light” and do the same good deed for their homeowners.

“Thank you all, for all you have done.”

Phil Sonntag
“President, Pelican Creek HOA

August 2009

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