TESTIMONIAL: Pearl Point and Pearl Cove HOA
“Dear ISG,

“My name is Sarah Humphreys and I am the President of Pearl Point and Pearl Cove Home Owners Association. I am writing this letter to you to tell you how much I appreciate all the great work your company has done for our Home Owners Association. As the president of the Board, it was my mission to decrease our HOA’s expenses and at the same time maintain great service. I am good friends with Richard Cherchio, who lives right behind our Development at The Parks. He is the President of his HOA, the founder of The Alliance for Concerned Citizens for North Las Vegas, and most recently appointed to the position for City council Ward-4. Richard was able to get Southwest Gas to disconnect the existing has lines for HOA’s without giving the HOA any problems. Richard converted his community and then referred your company to me. I understand this is a big loss for Southwest Gas, but after discussing the amount of money our HOA would save, I knew it was the right thing to do for our community.

“I have to compliment all of your employees for the wonderful job they did throughout the whole process. The installers were quick but efficient. The office staff did a wonderful job of processing the necessary paperwork and scheduling all the homeowners for the conversion. Any concerns or question I had were answered right away and to my satisfaction.

“Due to the help of your company with the conversion, our HOA is now saving $2000.00 a month and we will be able to use that money to pay off our loan for the conversion. In two years from our start date the gas lamp conversion will be paid in full. As board members we are usually misunderstood by the other homeowners, especially the ones who don’t attend the HOA Board meetings. We are thought of as people who like to send violation notices and pick on people, when really we volunteer our time to make a difference in our community because we care, Now that we will save our HOA $2,000.00 a month in 2 years from the conversion start date we will not have to raise dues for a long time and will hopefully be appreciated by the homeowners in our HOA  I will still be looking out for other ways to save our community money, but I have to admit this was the biggest money saver of them all. I would definitely refer your company to anyone in the future, so keep up the great work.

“Thank you,

“Sarah Humphreys
“Pearl Point and Pearl Cove Board President”

July 2009

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