TESTIMONIAL: Lamplight Village at Centennial Springs HOA
“To Whom It May Concern:

“We have recently had our gas lamps converted to a new low voltage system within our community provided by your company. My comment to this occurring is…HOOOORRRAAYYY!

“From 2003-2006 I served on our Homeowner’s Board, the last year as our president. During my time in office, the issue of the gas lamps came up in nearly every HOA meeting. It always boiled down to gas vs. electric lighting. Our typical response was that every year either gas was high or electricity was high, and the cost to change over would be cost productive or less effective than what the current fixtures were providing. We had considered solar cells, direct billing to each homeowner for dusk to dawn controls for the gas lamps, and others with none of these options being viable. If we went the route of solar, there wasn’t any company in the area who could guarantee that the lights would stay on more than 8 hours on the charged battery. This timeframe was even lower if the day was overcast. Insofar as having the individual homeowners bear the cost of the “dusk to dawn” switches was met with a great deal of resistance.

“Financing was also a major consideration. With the crazy economy and banks being very difficult to deal with, we were very pleased to find that your company would offer very competitive rates and a pay down schedule that we could live with. We were actually able to keep our monthly assessments to the homeowners under the anticipated 10% that was being contemplated to cover the upcoming increase in gas costs.

“The entire process from the initial pre-wiring of the electric supply to the final installation of the converted fixtures (everything was kept the same on the outside of the fixtures, only the inside was changed) went very smoothly. Your staff handling the appointments for each phase of the work was very friendly and helpful. The entire process took a very short time, with the entire community done in just a few weeks.

“I am very happy with how the lighting performs; the glass doesn’t get clouded up like it did with the gas fixture and no more mantle changes! (It seemed like every time there was a stiff breeze, the mantles would blow out).

“I can most whole heartedly recommend your company and its excellent lighting systems to anyone looking to save money on their utilities when it comes to exterior lighting. Any Homeowners Association that may be contemplating a change in their current circumstance would be well rewarded from contacting your company for information.

“Thank you again for a super job!

Michael S. Thornton”

Park Area Lighting

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