“The Four Winds Board of Directors is taking this opportunity to thank you for completing the conversion of our gas street lamp appliances to a contemporary low-voltage appliance. As you are aware we were a community that sought relief from Southwest Gas’ prohibitive monthly bill that was approximately 31% of our dues assessment. We originally had 194 gas lamps throughout our community of 169 homes.

“Four Winds at the conclusion of the bidding process awarded Innovative Systems Group (ISG) the contract to retro our common areas and all of our homes. Currently we will leave a $50,000 plus budgeted item a year to your low-voltage system with a projected cost per home of $24.00 a year.

“Michael, in choosing ISG to complete the conversion from natural gas to low-voltage you visited our community and explained the process we would follow. ISG also set up a demonstration fixture so homeowners could see a low-voltage alternative lighting system with dusk to dawn format. You supplied product data sheets and a wire install program.

“This letter is undertaken by the Board of Directors in our attempt to convey to you how pleased we are with the information that was provided by your company, but more importantly how the community appears after the project was completed. As people visit our community no one would ever know we converted our gas lamps to another lighting modality. The completed project has left our homes and common area free from debris. Your follow-up and attention to details is appreciated and recorded.

“We are pleased to inform you that you may use our community as a reference for any homeowners association looking to conserve a natural resource (gas), help our environment, and also save a bundle of money in future dues assessments. In the short time you have been in our community, you have made new friends. We wish you well in all your endeavors and our continued relationship in the future.


“Jerry Shaner, President”

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