TESTIMONIAL: Bradley Ranch Homeowners Association
“We, like many associations, were looking for ways to save by eliminating the monthly gas charges, maintenance contracts, and to stop the waste of a natural resource. Innovative Systems Group installed 81 charm lights for Bradley Ranch HOA from January through March of 2008. We have been extremely pleased with the outcome of the conversion from gas lamps to low voltage electric.

“The service, the cost, the professionalism, the product of ISG, LLC made it an easy decision for the Bradley Ranch board. To date, we have not had a light burn out from this conversion to low voltage electric lamps. The lamp is aesthetically pleasing during the day and provides ample illumination at night. The association is saving almost $1500/month.

“Michael Dyck’s attention to detail, working with Bradley Ranch homeowners, and the board of directors made this project a total success.

“I whole heartily recommend ISG, LLC for any entity that is considering a gas lamp conversion. You will not regret it.


“Mark John,
Bradley Ranch HOA”

February 4, 2009

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