TESTIMONIAL: Appaloosa Canyon/Quarterhorse Falls
“To Whom It May Concern:

“We hired Innovative Systems Group LLC to perform our gas lamp conversions to low voltage for Appaloosa Canyon HOA which consisted of 339 lamps. During this process, we were informed and updated every step of the way. All of ISG’s staff provided excellent service and performance which made the conversion process run smoothly with very little distribution to our homeowners.

“This conversion process has saved our community over $80,000 annually just in gas service alone. It has also reduced our maintenance bill by at least 50% while still providing beautiful lighting throughout our community. We were promised quality and excellent care with a more than an accommodating staff and that is exactly what we received.

“I would highly recommend ISG for any HOA that is considering the conversion process and would like to extend my tanks to them for a job not just well done, but done in excellence.”

Patricia C. Deschaine, President
Appaloosa Canyon/Quarterhorse Falls HOA

July 2009

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