“To Whom It May Concern:

“We are a small subdivision of 82 homes and our budget was in serious trouble. Further analysis showed that our biggest expense, by far, was that of the 82 gas lamps. We did some research and considered solar but information from the solar companies showed that it was not a viable option as you needed a specialist to change out the bulbs and it was extremely expensive. The solar companies, since their technology is so new, were unable to give us any indication of prices for the maintenance contact past 3-5 years which is when it would start to matter most. At that point, we found ISG.

“Innovative Systems Group was the only energy company involved in the movement to get the government and the gas company to allow a conversion. With this success, our subdivision was able to seriously consider the conversion from gas to a cheaper alternative. The presentation of ISG was very professional and they were able to answer all of our questions. Since their technology is very similar to the common Malibu lights in every landscape, they were able to help us project future expenses. ISG was also very helpful in that they coordinated a visit by our board to a similar subdivision that had done their conversion a few months before. One of their board members was available during the visit for questions by our board.

“ISG was half the price of solar companies’ quote. ISG was very helpful in making arrangements for a payment plan that worked with our budget. The one thing the neighbors really loved was that ISG was kept in contact with them and had developed a successful template for all notification letters, appointment times, etc. The installation of the energy source was a plug put into the garage. The wiring was very discrete and the homeowners were able to set a 15 minute appointment to have this done before or after work. Many of our homeowners with complex landscaping were a little concerned, but they were all thrilled that their yards were put back exactly the way they were before. Overall, our neighborhood is brighter and the light coverage is better than before.

“The key to ISG’s success is the owner and the staff. Michael Dyck, the owner was out there with his guys doing the wiring and checking on completed work. He is very hands on and was accessible to the board, the management company and the people who live here. While Michael was in the field, Rebecca Carter was handling phone calls and the office work. Rebecca always returned calls and was always on top of all the paperwork. Our community has paid off our debt and we have used the enormous savings to beef up our reserve budget and to do some much needed refurbishing of our community. We would highly recommend ISG to anyone who is interested in saving money and helping their community’s budget to get on track. If you wish to contact me, please let the folks from ISG know.”

Jackie Hall, former Board Member

July 2009

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