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Bradley Ranch Homeowners Association

“We, like many associations, were looking for ways to save by eliminating the monthly gas charges, maintenance contracts, and to stop the waste of a natural resource. Innovative Systems Group installed 81 charm lights for Bradley Ranch HOA from January through March of 2008. We have been extremely pleased with…” [read more]


La Cresenta Homeowners Association

“Dear Michael,

On behalf of the board of directors at La Cresenta HOA, I would like to thank you and your company for the outstanding work on the gas lamp conversion. Becky Carter, your office manager was exceptional on how she handled the scheduling and follow-up appointments for our community. The scheduling was timely and efficient. Everyone, from Becky to the installers and ground crew were professional and courteous…” [read more]


Stallion Mountain Community Association

“To Whom It May Concern:

Stallion Mountain retained the services of Innovative Systems Group, ISG, to convert the gas lamps to electrical lights, and the results have been incredible. The substantial savings in both the gas cost as well as the monthly maintenance contract, has given the Board the opportunity to decrease the homeowners assessments for this coming year.

The Board and residents of the Stallion Mountain community are extremely happy with…” [read more]


Four Winds

“Dear Mr. Dyck,

“The Four Winds Board of Directors is taking this opportunity to thank you for completing the conversion of our gas street lamp appliances to a contemporary low-voltage appliance. As you are aware we were a community that sought relief from Southwest Gas’ prohibitive monthly bill that was approximately 31% of our dues assessment. We originally had 194 gas lamps throughout our community of 169 homes…” [read more]


Lamplight Village at Centennial Springs HOA

“To Whom It May Concern:

“We have recently had our gas lamps converted to a new low voltage system within our community provided by your company. My comment to this occurring is: HOOOORRRAAYYY!…” [read more]


Terra West Property Management

“To Whom It May Concern:

“We would like to extend our appreciation and express our praises for Innovative Systems Group, LLC. Ever since we have dealt hands-on with the staff and crew, they have always been responsive and informative at a timely manner.

“We are currently using ISG for Stone Mountain Homeowners Association and we are very fortunate to have a staff that responds to us during a time of need. We are impressed by the efficiency of getting the problems resolved within two days of the report. Not only do they respond and act quickly, sometimes on demands, but also they got the extra mile to get any questions answered….” [read more]


Amber Hills

To Whom It May Concern:

We are a small subdivision of 82 homes and our budget was in serious trouble. Further analysis showed that our biggest expense, by far, was that of the 82 gas lamps. We did some research and considered solar but information from the solar companies showed that it was not a viable option as you needed a specialist to change out the bulbs and it was extremely expensive. The solar companies, since their technology is so new, were unable to give us any indication of prices for the maintenance contact past 3-5 years which is when it would start to matter most. At that point, we found ISG.

Innovative Systems Group was the only…” [read more]


Appaloosa Canyon/Quarterhorse Falls

To Whom It May Concern:

We hired Innovative Systems Group LLC to perform our gas lamp conversions to low voltage for Appaloosa Canyon HOA which consisted of 339 lamps. During this process, we were informed and updated every step of the way. All of ISG’s staff provided excellent service and performance which made the conversion process run smoothly with very little…[read more]


Thoroughbred Management, Inc.

“I was recently given a property to manage named Prairie Rose HOA who had just recently converted their gas lamps to low voltage electric. Even though I was not involved in the actual conversion process, I can tell you that I have looked into the assistance of Innovative Systems Group LLC, several times since the conversion and each time I have requested their assistance, they have not only responded in record time for a vendor but they also have provided me with excellent service….[read more]


Bridgeport HOA

“To Whom It May Concern:

“I just want those who are in charge of the Innovative Systems Group to know how satisfied we here in Bridgeport Homeowners Association are.

“We have had the opportunity to work with Michael Dyck and Rebecca Carter as well as several others from ISG whose names have escaped me at the moment, however each and everyone has just been outstanding and very professional. When they say something was going to happen it did. From the top to the bottom everyone has done their job and done it well…” [read more]


Benchmark Association Services

“My experience with Innovative Systems Group has been positive. The customer service help was second to none. I used their services for a community consisting of 339 homes. The project came in on a budget and on time. I would highly recommend them.

“Thanks to Michael Dyck and his staff for a ‘job well done’…” [read more]


Montagne Marron Community Association


“Now that we are in the last couple of hours of the gas lamp conversion, at least those homes that are cooperating, I wanted to tell you what a great experience it has been working with you, Rebecca and Roberto. You have consistently delivered on all the promises you made; your team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. I cannot imagine this process having gone anywhere near this well with any other company…” [read more]


Pearl Point and Pearl Cove HOA

“Dear ISG,

“My name is Sarah Humphreys and I am the President of Pearl Point and Pearl Cove Home Owners Association. I am writing this letter to you to tell you how much I appreciate all the great work your company has done for our Home Owners Association. As the president of the Board, it was my mission to decrease our HOA’s expenses…” [read more]


Pelican Creek Homeowners Association


“My father always told me to never start a letter with an apology. However, I must break his cardinal rule and apologize for this overdue, but necessary letter of thanks and appreciation.

“Back in early April, I signed a contract with your company, ISG, to retrofit all of or gas street lamps to low-voltage electric lamps in our Pelican Creek gated community. You stated that you would handle and manage everything, from interfacing with the gas company, notification letters to the homeowners, scheduling each phase of retrofitting with each homeowner…” [read more]


Santa Bella Homeowners Association

“To Whom It May Concern:

“Innovative Systems Group LLC (ISG) was contracted to install a total of 128 low voltage lights as a replacement to the natural gas powered lamps within our community. We have found the low voltage option offered by ISG to be the most economical and practical for our community. The lights are brighter than the gas lamps they replaced and much more economical to maintain.

“From the initial startup in the second week of January the entire project was completed in just three weeks’ time and with little disruption to the community….” [read more]


Stonegate Encore North

“Innovative Systems Group handled the gas lamp conversion in our community, Stonegate Encore North. We had been searching for a way to eliminate the costly utility bill and high level of maintenance that went with our lamps. The gas lamps accounted for 30% or our overall budget. We were so pleased when ISG presented us with the solution that we had been looking for, a conversion to low voltage electric….” [read more]


Tempo HOA

“As the Vice President of Tempo HOA, I cannot express how pleased were to find a solution to the high priced wasteful gas problem our community faced with the gas lamps that was our only source of light. Every month we were faced with a bill that extended from $4,000.00 to $5,500.00 a month and we saw that this price would be elevated as time went on…” [read more]


Westwood Homeowners Association

“Dear Michael,

“This is a letter of appreciation for the excellent job your company did converting our 65 lamps from gas to low voltage.

“From the very beginning of this process you have helped make for an easy conversion. Your presence at our general membership meeting explaining the conversion process helped calm many fears, brought the board and skeptical members on line and made what seemed a difficult task affordable and manageable…” [read more]

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“I can most wholeheartedly recommend your company and its excellent lighting systems to anyone looking to save money on their utilities when it comes to exterior lighting.”

-Michael Thornton
Lamplight Village at Centennial Springs HOA

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