Why LED Conversion?

ISG Lighting’s LED Street Lamps Upgrade Program promises many benefits, including over 50% savings in electrical bills and a significant reduction in maintenance bills. In addition to a quick pay back of initial investment through savings, the LED upgrade Program provides an environmentally friendly solution with a 10-year fixture warranty. The LED lights also provide a brighter and cleaner illumination, increasing the aesthetics of a neighborhood with a more natural color rendering of the natural surroundings.

Why ISG?

ISG Lighting is a professional outdoor lighting company providing design and installation services to the Las Vegas Valley for over 10 years. Through innovative design and thoughtful approach, we have brought illumination to over 550 Associations. Member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.

Potential Benefits (100 light property)

  • Projected Savings of 69% of the HOA street light energy costs
  • Estimated savings of $24,000 in maintenance costs during the 10-year warranty period
  • Projected savings of over $110,000 over 20 years
  • Pay back of less than five years is achieved strictly through savings, well before warranty expires
  • 100% of the old materials are recycled
  • Customizable light levels allows brighter lights by the entry and reduced levels inside the property.
  • Significant community enhancement from changing to 3000 Kelvin from the old yellow lights

The Product

At ISG, we have partnered with top manufacturers in the US and Europe to provide truly innovative solutions. One size does not fit all, and ISG presents multiple options with each lamp type, giving you the choice.

Case Study

Prescott Park LED Conversion

Street lighting projects completed by ISG Lighting