3 Important Considerations When Adding Community Street Lamps

Available Power: The greatest challenge when adding new lights to an existing community is finding available power spread throughout the community to provide energy for the new lights. There are many cases where the cost of trenching down the streets to distribute that power becomes a roadblock for the project. ISG Lighting has installed hundreds of new street lamps in dozens of communities, without cutting the streets, and chances are we can help your community with bright, attractive, and cost effective street lighting.

Lamp Design: Once the power hurdle has been overcome, the next step is deciding on a lamp type. We have to consider trees and tree canopies, buildings, signs, etc. and other obstacles when deciding on a lamp type, height, brightness, lensing, etc., that would work best for your community dynamics. It is suggested to consider function first and style second, because who wants a great looking light that is dim or an off color at night. Specifications to consider:

  1. Lumens: This is a measurement of light output. Bright enough, but not too bright.
  2. Kelvin: This is a measurement of light color. They range from yellowish, like the county street lamps, to bluish like the City of Las Vegas / City of Henderson new street lamps. 2900-3000K is a common residential light color, matching coach lights and other existing light sources in the community.
  3. Lensing: One lamp may deliver light down, another out, yet another in an oval shape, etc. With this, light pollution into neighboring homes also needs to be considered, which ISG manages through the design process.

Lighting Demonstration: One persons “bright enough” may be another’s “too bright”. We have found that although we may start with the IESNA (The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) guidelines, each property has their own individual needs. Lighting is quite subjective, so ISG Lighting regularly meets HOA members on site, at night, to show them what the new lights will look like and design it to fit their needs.

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