ISG Lighting has extensive experience with all types of common area lighting installations. In considering a common area lighting project, the first hurdle that arises is: Do we have power in that area? Now, with ISG’s Under Street cable installation, that hurdle is overcome more than 90% of the time. You see, we are able to deliver power to the area that needs light under the street, as opposed to cutting the street, which has a considerable cost and affect to your community.

Here are just some of the projects we do, and some basic information when considering them:

Park Areas – It is very popular to use post style lighting in these areas, as the light need is primarily functional, lighting up areas for people to sit, walk, run, etc. with a good awareness of the areas around them.

Walkways – walkways can be lit by bollards or post lights, depending on the area around them. The ideal design considers a minimum acceptable light level for the spots between your lights. A professional lighting company will use a light meter and engineer your installation to meet acceptable safe walkway standards.

Play Areas – Obviously safety and proper illumination are key, but proper light placement can also mean a lamp that gets less unwanted attention from youngsters, especially in this rock-filled valley we live in.

Mail Boxes – I find it so amazing that virtually no builders in this valley considered that folks have to get their mail at night. Not the easiest to light up, ISG has several solutions for your community.

Gazebos – Here we go: Dusk to Time with Motion sensor light. Your gazebo light will come on at dusk, stay on until, say, 10:30pm, then it will go dark, unless someone goes underneath it, and sets off the motion sensor, which turns on the light for a few minutes.

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