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All of our lighting systems use LEDs, providing the longest life fixtures, longest warranties, and greatest energy savings available in the lighting market today. We have installed over 12,000 LEDs since 2011, and are the experts in LED lighting for HOAs in Nevada.

Each lighting system that ISG does begins with a property lighting evaluation, custom engineered lighting design based on lighting specifications set by the Lighting Engineers Society of America, and ends with our amazing customer service and a beautifully lit property.

Finally, ISG is proud to offer the longest warranties on the industry, including our 5-Year “Worry-Free” Warranty (labor and materials included on certain installations), and manufacturer warranties up to ten years.


The top three types of light we install in an entry are post style lights, for increased safety and security, landscape lights for enhanced appearance and aesthetics, and monument sign lights for community identification and beautification. ISG can provide lighting to both sides of your entry and the center island, without cutting the street to do it, or worse, taking power from your gate motors or keypad area. IMPORTANT: Whenever adding a new lighting system to an entry, your lighting contractor should install a dedicated circuit for their lights. Attaching a system to existing power such as gate systems is asking for trouble, and finger pointing in the future.

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ISG Lighting is the only lighting company in Las Vegas now offering street lighting solutions for completed residential developments and HOAs without trenching down all the streets to run power. Imagine being able to add dozens of new, attractive, residential type street lamps to your neighborhood. Not the 28’ commercial style lights, that require special equipment to just change a bulb, but gorgeous, decorative and functional lights, 12’ tall, with lamp heads that match the look and feel of your community.

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Parks, greenbelts, perimeter walls, gazebos, trails, mailboxes, playground areas and more… ISG Lighting has experience installing lights in all kinds of tough to light situations. We specialize on lighting areas that have no easy access power source. For example, do you have a park across from your main entry that has no power panel, and no lights? We can light it, without cutting the street to do it. There are actually very few projects we cannot do.

Safety, security and aesthetics are all possible with ISG Lighting. See the gallery for just a few examples of our work.

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“My thanks to ISG for saving us $1,800 per month in our gas utility bill, for giving fast and highly professional work, for no more broken gas lamp filaments, foggy glass panes, and no emissions.”

-Phil Sonntag
Pelican Creek HOA

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