With ISG Lighting, you will benefit from our years of experience enhancing HOA entries all over town. With each entry lighting project, ISG does a site inspection and available power evaluation. Every project is designed for a dedicated lighting circuit to be installed, for optimum operation and dependability of the system. Next, we create a custom lighting design, showing each light location, and coverage. Finally, upon request, ISG performs free lighting demonstrations at each client’s property, as lighting is so subjective and best experienced live.

Considerations for Common Entry Lighting Projects:

Area/Safety Lighting – There are two types of lights that are considerations when lighting an entry; Functional and Architectural. Area/Safety lighting is a functional type of lighting, making the area illuminate for safety, for safe pedestrian activity, for identifying footpaths, entry doors, turnabouts, etc. Lights can be installed on posts, set either on the sides or center islands of the entry, and also can be installed on the gate columns, depending on the specific needs of the community.

Landscape Lighting – Primarily an architectural accent, landscape lighting can beautify an entry an night like little else. It is wise to consider each focal point for the light individually, designing the right brightness and focus light to produce the optimum results. For example, a 40 foot Mexican Fan Palm tree definitely needs a different light than a Mediterranean Palm, so ISG calculates the right lumens and optical focus to produce an evenly balanced, gorgeous installation.

Monument Sign Lighting – A common entry element, it is important to provide adequate, properly focused and secure lighting for monument signs. Consider using in-ground directional LEDs, which will light up the sign, and be less of a target for the kids to kick. Keypad Lighting –ISG has a simple but effective strip LED keypad lighting kit, which really make a difference.

Keypad Lighting – ISG has a simple but effective strip LED keypad lighting kit, which really make a difference.

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Entry lighting projects completed by ISG Lighting