All lighting systems are designed to fit your needs, considering illumination (lumens), light color (Kelvin), and of course budget.
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New landscape lights, post style lights, monument sign lighting, LED upgrades and more...
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Complete community street lighting systems, without cutting any streets! (up to 15’ high)
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Parks, greenbelts, perimeter walls, gazebos, trails, mailboxes, playground areas and more...
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An Introduction to LEDs:

Although not a new technology, LEDs have only recently become practical and cost effective for exterior lighting. ISG Lighting has been installing LED lighting since December 2010 for the following types of projects:

  1. Landscape Lighting in entries, common areas and parks
  2. Post Lighting in entries, parks, common areas, and streets
  3. Gazebo, monument, and special structural lighting
  4. LED street light replacements and retrofit kits

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LEDs: By The Numbers:
  • 85% - Expected savings on energy costs vs. traditional lighting
  • 75% - Expected savings on service costs vs. traditional lighting options
  • 5 Years – ISG full coverage warranty for all LED lighting systems
  • 10 Years – Manufacturer warranty on LED landscape and street lights
  "This conversion process has saved our community over $80,000 annually just in gas service alone. It has also reduced our maintenance bill by at least 50% while still providing beautiful lighting."

- Patricia Deschaine,
Appaloosa Canyon / Quarterhorse Falls HOA

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